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Care and Maintenence of Your Balefire Blade

The aftermath of battle is a staple of any heroic tale: the crackling gleam of a campfire, scarred heroes trading tales over tankards of sour red wine – and the meditative polishing of swords.

This is a moment of quiet, pragmatic reverence after the storm. An act of thanksgiving for the weapon that won the day. An act of preparation for the battle that awaits tomorrow.

While cleaning your blade in front of the TV after class holds a little less romance, we believe it’s still worth doing properly – to cement that bond of mutual protection and keep your weapon in tip-top condition for future bouts.

∴ A Note for the Online Edition ∴

We originally wrote this guide as a physical companion booklet to our Deluxe Care Kits. We have since decided to make this valuable guide available for free online, to help keep beautiful swords in action and make historical fencing a more sustainable hobby.

We have done our best to transform our little booklet into a functional online resource to help you quickly find answers and safely troubleshoot issues. Simply click the arrow next to the section you're interested in on the menu to expand it.

Where reference is made to wax, files and sanding blocks, these are the contents of our Deluxe Care Kits, which can be purchased here.


∴ General Maintenence ∴

We recommend a “little and often” approach to sword care, taking five minutes after each class or event to remove any tarnish and apply some wax – this way you can stay a step ahead of any serious rust issues.

To prevent tarnishing, don't pack your sword away alongside sweaty training gear. Make sure it is stored somewhere clean and dry between uses.

If it's to be stored for a long while, a generous amount of wax left to dry and buffed off will provide a good barrier - but keeping dust off is key, as the dust will absorb atmospheric moisture.

Don’t drop it in a lake.


∴ The Blade: Preventing Rust ∴

∴ The Blade: Removing Rust ∴

∴ The Blade: Edge Maintenence ∴

∴ The Blade: Filing Away Burrs ∴

∴ The Blade: Filing Deep Notches ∴

∴ The Blade: Proper Use of a File ∴

∴ Sets & Bends: Manufacturing Curves ∴

∴ Sets & Bends: Cold Sets ∴

∴ Sets & Bends: Avoiding Sets ∴

∴ The Hilt: Blackened & Patinated Hilts ∴

∴ The Hilt: Bright Steel Hilts ∴

∴ The Grip: Wire-Wrapped Grips ∴

∴ The Grip: Leather-Wrapped Grips ∴

∴ The Grip: Cord-Wrapped Grips ∴

∴ The Grip: Bare Wooden Grips ∴

∴ Rattles & Wallow: Threaded Tangs ∴

∴ Rattles & Wallow: Peened Tangs ∴

∴ Conclusion ∴


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