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∴ Bespoke Blade Pricing ∴

Dark Rocks

A bespoke Balefire blade will elevate your existing sword to new heights, or provide a solid base for a new sword to be built around.


Blades can be made to order based on an existing blade or tang which you would like to have replicated, or to your own custom specs.


Find out more about ordering your blade here.

We price our blades based on an estimate of how long they will take to make. A typical blade takes one day in the forge, but extras such as fullers, ricasso decoration, thicker stock and engraving will add to this total, bringing the price up.

Find out more about our pricing structure and how to build your custom blade below, or get in touch to make an enquiry.


Price Guide

Our baseline blade prices assume an unadorned blade made from 6mm stock.

The prices on this page are liable to be updated annually in line with changing materials costs.

Blade Type
Starting From

Arming Sword Blade

Longsword Blade

Rapier or Sidesword Blade

Smallsword Blade

Dagger Blade






Starting From

Curved Blade

8mm Stock









For a truly unique option, you can build your own blade by adding on extra features.

Please note, all our fencing blades feature 2mm thick edges and a swollen tip for safety.


We do not make sharp swords at all.

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