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∴ Bespoke Sword Pricing ∴

Dark Rocks

A bespoke Balefire sword is an investment. It probably won’t be your first sword, but it may well be one that you use for the rest of your fencing days.


Over the years we have made every attempt to set realistic prices in line with the cost of running the forge and the time it takes to create a work of fencing-ready art. This includes not only Chris’s time at the anvil, but also the customer service, research and experimentation that go into each piece.

∴ How do we Quote? ∴

We set our prices based on the projected time we expect each commission to take. While each piece will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, we use the list below as the basis for our pricing.

If your dream sword has complex elements that will take extra days to make, we will increase your quote accordingly. However, many decorative and structural elements can be fit into the standard allotted time.

The best way forward is to reach out to us with specs, photos and/or rough sketches of your idea, and get your custom quote.

Please note, our standard fencing blades feature 2mm thick edges and a swollen tip for safety. We do not make sharp swords at all.


Price List

The prices on this page are liable to be updated annually in line with changing materials costs.

All prices listed exclude shipping charges, which can vary significantly depending on shipping location, and weight and dimensions of the final product when packaged.

Sword Type
Starting From

Cruciform Sword

Complex Hilted Sword

Basket Hilted Sword

Cruciform Dagger

Complex Hilted Dagger






Dark Rocks

∴ Extras ∴


Extra embellishments such as faceted barwork, complex carvings, and pierced or engraved surfaces will be charged at a rate of £50 per extra hour of work. Any extra costs will be decided over the course of our conversations about your order.

Ready to start your Balefire journey? Get in touch now to share your vision.

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