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∴ Bespoke Blades ∴

Dark Rocks

Renewed shall be blade that was broken

A snapped tip or a heavy set isn’t the end of your faithful sword’s journey. We will get your beloved sword back in your hand, with a brand new custom-fitted blade.

Get in touch to enquire about your replacement blade, and we will discuss your needs.


∴ About the Blades ∴

Each Balefire blade is made to order, creating as close a match as possible for your existing furniture. With controlled drilling and sparring in mind, they feature 2mm blunt edges and round, swollen tips.

Please note that we do not make sharp blades at all.

For durability and historical accuracy, we make our tangs by welding an appropriate mid-carbon steel to the end of the blade tang, which is then tapped to the desired thread or peened as needed. The whole tang is thermally managed throughout the making of the blade to avoid any brittleness, and is the best solution to tang failures we’ve yet found - especially when allied with a tang structure that doesn’t feature shelving.

Our tangs have been designed with the rigours of regular fencing in mind, avoiding common problems and fracture points. If you require a tang to be made to another maker’s standards, we will happily discuss this, but cannot guarantee the longevity.

Dark Rocks
A bespoke sword blade for historical fencing

Find out how we quote for bespoke blades.

A bespoke sword blade for historical fencing

All you need to know about ordering your blade.


A Blade Reborn

Dark Rocks

The fire cracks fiercely, smoke drifting from its still-damp heart. You wince, pretending that the tear gathering at the corner of your eye is a mere reaction to the acrid plume. The broken-bladed sword clasped between white-knuckled hands, however, tells a different tale.

The truth is, you lost a friend today. A stalwart comrade, who has followed your journey from a green squire to an astute fencer. Who has witnessed your triumphs and your injuries – even caused some of them.

Your trusty sword has fallen. And now there are rites to be observed. Tonight you will drink to battles past.


And tomorrow, when the first bird sounds from the high pines, you will wrap the hilt in roughspun and carry it into the woods, where the smith will relight the fire to restore what has been lost.

Ready to start your Balefire journey? Get in touch now to share your vision.

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