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Dark Rocks

The Lycan Gorget

Our low-profile articulated Lycan gorget is made from layers of rugged 3mm thick Kydex plastic over 3mm thick leather, protecting your throat from errant thrusts.

Designed to be worn comfortably over or under a fencing jacket, the Lycan is super lightweight and low-profile while covering the all-important throat area. Its articulated construction allows for a full range of unimpeded head movement, while the rolled blade catcher keeps you safe from slips.

Light enough to slip on for a quick practice yet sturdy enough to protect you during sparring, the stylish Lycan exemplifies grace under pressure.

The Lycan Gorget is available in limited runs from the Balefire Emporium.


"Comfortable, hard, flexible - a great little gorget"

"Good for mobility, light, and fits well under other gear... Hardwearing and stylish AF."


∴ A Protective Force ∴

The full moon reaches between bare branches to illuminate the pine-strewn path beneath your feet. Your footfall is only almost muffled by the carpet of fallen needles.

Somewhere behind you a branch breaks. The sound is cacophonous in the still night air. Adrenaline surges through you, and one hand flies to the sword at your hip.

The other flutters impulsively to your throat, pressing two trembling fingers to the smooth, brass-studded collar that protects it.

You inhale. You exhale. You run. 


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