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Balefire Blades


∴ What is Your Quest? ∴

A bespoke highland broadsword for historical fencing

We are now taking custom orders for Winter 2024.

A handcrafted sidesword for historical fencing

Swords, leather, care kits, books and more.

A handcrafted sword blade for historical fencing

Elevate your sword with a custom made Balefire blade.

Components of a historical fencing sword being repaired

Bring your beloved sword back to life.



Hand crafted for Historical Fencing

Set in the rolling South Downs of England, the Balefire Forge is home to Chris and Alicia Adams, makers and purveyors of bespoke swords, blades and leather goods for the historical fencing community.

Whether made to order or purchased through our online shop, every Balefire order is handcrafted using traditional methods for an authentic fencing experience, with just a touch of the fantastic.

Dark Rocks

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