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Dark Rocks

The Warding Sword

Conceived specifically for sword and buckler fencing in the style of Royal Armouries manuscript I.33., this Oakeshott Type XIV arming sword is based on an amalgam of period examples such as Moonbrand.

Throughout Chris's work on this sword he made great use of Roland Warzecha's research, especially in terms of pommel orientation. This is twisted counter-clockwise to the same degree found on numerous original swords from this period.

In addition, Chris added an engraving on the sword's point of balance to echo similar embellishments found historically. Once again he found inspiration for this amongst Roland's recent research and is grateful to share in his theories and discoveries.

Since its original creation, the Warding Sword has provided inspiration for a number of variants, with different grip colours, pommel styles and quillon shapes all adorning the distinctive Type XIV blade. We have included a number of these in the images below. Please see our pricing structure for an idea of what a similar sword would cost.


∴ Specs ∴

  • Total length 97cm

  • Blade length 80cm

  • Blade width at base 5.5cm

  • Distal taper 6mm-2mm

  • Grip length 10cm

  • Pommel 5.5cm

  • Quillon span 20cm

  • Point of Balance 9.5cm

  • Weight 1320g

  • HEMA-safe edges, flex and swollen tip.


∴ Notes ∴

The hilt is hardened carbon steel, the pommel of mild steel, and the hardwood grip is wrapped in string and oxblood leather. Construction is epoxied, keyed and peined together for maximum durability.


∴ Gallery ∴

∴ Custom Variants ∴

This custom creation is an homage to Oakeshott's Moonbrand, featuring four fullers and slightly downturned quillons. A dark green leather grip offsets the classic look.

The rusty red-coloured grip on this custom Warding Sword was shortened to 8cm, to fit our client's palm perfectly. The resulting effect, combined with a 10 degree offset in the pommel, offers superlative control and comfort.

We worked closely with our client to design a variant including the slender downturned quillons and large octagonal pommel of the Copenhagen Nationalmuseet Type XIV, as well as four fullers á la Moonbrand.

This variation is boldly medieval with a broad base to the blade, a mustard yellow grip, and a Tudor rose engraved at the point of balance.

The dark brown grip of this variant gives a more mercenary look, while the Moonbrand-esque downturned quillons offer a variety of options in the bind.


∴ A Scholar's Defense∴

You place the sword before the altar of Walpurga, wincing at the clatter of steel on stone. The Saint's painted eyes look on serenely, with no hint of her namesake's challenging smile.

For months you pored over the texts by half-light, characters becoming companions as you sliced the still air of your cell. You found skill in the Lady's lessons, yes, but Truth as well. Perception. Judgment. Balance. Truths you will need to carry close on a journey such as this.

Smiling you retrieve your sword, fingers finding their familiar place between curved quillons and twisted pommel. You make the sign of the cross and then, on impulse, bring the broad blade to your shoulder, point up, in an unmistakable Walpurgis Ward.

As you turn to leave, you think you see the Saint's eyes sparkle.


Ready to start your Balefire journey? Get in touch now to share your vision.

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