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Dark Rocks

The Meander Sabre

This simple yet handsome sabre is based around a "good strong turkey blade". Its slender distal taper based on various originals from the Grandmaster's Palace Armoury in Malta, while the shape of the blade and hilt are based on images of originals sourced by our client.

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The pommel and grip align with the point of percussion on the curved, single-edged blade, allowing a balance of thrusting and cutting actions to be performed easily.

The minimalist demi basket provides ample hand protection when angled correctly, without adding unnecessary weight. The large hollow pommel keeps the balance just forward of centre, eager in the cut, and allowing a longer grip on the sword.

She is named for the mellifluous S curve of the blade and handle, and for the sinuous movements of the sword in action.

Please see our pricing structure for an idea of what a similar sword would cost.


∴ Specs ∴

  • Total length: 107cm

  • Blade length: 91.5cm

  • Blade width: 3.5cm

  • Blade stock: 6mm

  • Grip length: 9cm

  • Grip and pommel: 14cm

  • Quillon span: 21cm

  • Point of Balance: 16cm

  • Weight: 1140g

  • Right-handed

  • Blunt edges

  • Rounded tip

  • Standard fencing flex


∴ Notes ∴

IMG_8386 (1)

The hand-forged guard and pommel are polished to a satin finish. The guard features a demi basket of flat barwork, and downturned quillons. The large spherical pommel is hollow to conserve weight, and features a segmented dishing pattern.

The curved blade features a single fuller to the spine, while the oak handle is wrapped first in linen twine and then in dark brown kidskin.


∴ Gallery ∴


∴ A Mulish Heroism ∴


It was St. Jacob’s Day when we took the town. That feast to venerate our patron of pharmacists and healers. Lord knows we could have done with one.

The heat was stifling - one of those close, grey midsummer days that had us sweating beneath our armour even before the battle broke out. By the time the cannon fire started men were swooning from the heat, let alone the fear.

Well they might have feared though: for twelve hours the cannon roared, pikemen and swordsmen pushing through clouds of acrid smoke across the rampier. When I had imagined the Inferno as a boy, fingers pressed together in fervent bedside prayer, was this not the image I had dwelt on? The heat, the dust, the unearthly thud of cannon fire? The screams of dying men?

And there, in the midst of this abyssmal pastiche, was the soldier in the red mandillion. He stood out like a banner against curls of obscuring grey smoke, the slashed sleeves of that crimson coat billowing as he raised his sword.

And what a sword it was, with a great curved turkey blade, wide of stature and thin of stock. It caught what little sun pierced through the low cloud and glinted like a distant beacon.

To see that sword fall was like seeing our last glimmer of hope snuffed out. Before I knew what came over me, I had abandoned my post on the rampier, pushing forward into the breach, desperate to reach that wounded hero before the enemy did.

I was not the only one to notice. Another fellow and I snatched at his red-adorned shoulders, heaving his weight up between us and dragging his feet through the dust toward the town as the line closed back behind us.

“It’s nothing,” the man in the red coat roared as we pulled him into the relative shelter of the gate. “I’ve taken worse wounds in the alehouse! Let me be, man - let me back at them!”

The rich red of his coat belied the sticky wetness that marked my hand as I pulled it away from him. Blood. And more than a man ought to lose.

“Your wounds are too severe, my Lord,” I cried over the rumble of cannon. “We’ll find you shelter in one of these houses.”

At this he laughed, an ugly, mirthless laugh, punctuated with a cough of blood-speckled phlegm.

“Fool,” he retorted, wiping the blood from his mouth with a crimson sleeve. “I had rather be killed ten times in the breach than once in some damned house.”


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