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Dark Rocks

The Celeste Transitional Rapier

This spectacular transitional rapier takes its inspiration from our Chalice Rapier, incorporating its segmented dish guard along with the celestial aesthetic of our Estella smallsword.

Our client's brief was for a beautiful, lightweight sword that lends itself to calm, controlled defence while being equally able to spring into the offensive when the opportunity presents itself.

In bringing this vision to life, Chris kept the form simple and elegant, while focusing on the taper and shaping of the blade to keep it authoratative without adding extra weight. The result is a transitional rapier on the more "rapier" end of the scale, allowing for blade-centric actions without tiring the arm.

The starburst designs on the dish guard, quillon tips and pommel are a combination of piercework and hand engraving with chisel and burin. The sword is named for this added sense of celestial sparkle. Please see our pricing structure for an idea of what a similar sword would cost.


∴ Specs ∴

  • Total length: 114cm

  • Blade length: 95cm

  • Blade width at base: 2.1cm

  • Blade stock: 6mm

  • Grip length: 9cm

  • Grip and pommel: 12.5cm

  • Quillon span: 17cm

  • Weight: 905g

  • Point of Balance: 12.5cm

  • Ambidextrous

  • Blunt edges

  • Rounded tip

  • Fencing flex


∴ Notes ∴

The hand-forged and heat-treated guard and pommel are blackened to a matte finish.

The guard features a segmented dish guard with scalloped edges and pierced and engraved starburst designs. Straight, flat-section quillons and a knuckleguard stem from a fluted false ricasso, with flaring terminals and star-shaped piercings.

The starburst design is mirrored on the flattened spherical pommel, which crowns an oak grip wrapped in twisted steel wire, with Tuk's head knots to top and bottom. The construction is finished with a faceted nut.

The blade is double-edged, and features a narrow central fuller to half of its length.


∴ Gallery ∴


∴ A Celestial Assurance ∴

Under a cloak of clear night you stand poised, the familiar webs of stars at your fingertips mirroring those that streak the sky above you.

"Your star is in the ascendant," your Master said, as he gave the spangled rapier to you so many years ago. And he was right. In your hands the slender blade tasted first blood time and time again, with a tranquil fury that unnerved your opponents and thrilled onlookers.

It is true, you are not as young as you were then, but where age has lessened the length of your lunge, it has only served to sharpen your senses, your certainty in those forces that govern the fight.

Across the dimly lit alley, a shimmer of steel promises challenge to come. Your heart rattles its cage as your opponent moves from the shadows, but you breathe deeply, deliberately, slipping into a state as impassive as the stars themselves, yet devastating as a comet.

Bathing in the quiet assurance of victory to come, you beckon your fate forward.


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