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Dark Rocks

The Beastmarked Sword

This one-of-a-kind arming sword was created with a deep fondness for the fantastical, as seen by the hand-engraved dragon on the pommel, carved with chisel and burin.

The pommel is hand-forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques. It is hollow to fine-tune the balance, and canted ten degrees for a right-handed user in the historical fashion. The crossguard is heat-treated for additional durability, and combined with the broad triangular blade provides sturdy hand protection when correctly angled.

This sword would make a magnificent tool for sword and buckler fencing, as well as in its own right. Its balance is light and nimble, ready for whatever adventure lies ahead of you.

Please see our pricing structure for an idea of what a similar sword would cost.


∴ Specs ∴

  • Total length: 95.5cm

  • Blade length: 79.5cm

  • Blade with: 5.5cm at the shoulder

  • Blade stock: 6mm

  • Quillon span: 15cm

  • Grip length: 9cm

  • Grip and pommel: 14.5cm

  • Point of balance: 10.5cm from the cross

  • Weight: 1000g

  • Right-handed

  • 2mm blunt edges

  • Swollen tip

  • Fencing flex.


∴ Notes ∴


The hand-forged guard and pommel are polished to a satin finish. The lenticular guard features straight, square-sectioned quillons. The hollow disc pommel is canted for right-handed use, and features a hand-engraved ouroboros dragon.

The broad triangular blade features a pattern of two fullers to the first third of the blade, followed by a short single fuller. The oak grip is wrapped first in linen thread and then in midnight blue kidskin. The construction is completed by a square copper peening block.


∴ Gallery ∴


∴ A Fateful Mark ∴


Blue and silver pennants whip in the wind as you process between gilded pavilions. You keep your eyes ahead, stepping to the beat of the drum, paying no heed to the calling and crowing of excited onlookers.

When you reach the carved wooden throne, you stop and take a deep breath, allowing your eyes to play for a moment over its writhen designs of serpents.

The silence is crisp and curious as the High Bard steps toward you, a smile in his creased and twinkling eyes, and an unsheathed sword in his veiny hands.

Solemnly you stare down at the weapon. You know it well from when it was your father’s. A broad triangular blade with two fullers merging into one, representing the twin rivers of your kingdom. The leather grip is the midnight blue of your house. And the pommel with its engraved serpent...

“Tell me, Highness, do you know the significance of the mark?” the High Bard asks.

“Of course I do,” you reply, surprised at the deviation from the words you have so often practiced. You reach out a finger to trace the chiselled beast, its jaws stretched open to bite at its own tail. “It is the mark of the dragon slayer. Whoever wields it is destined to kill a dragon. Just as my father did.”

“Dear child,” says the bard with a note of sadness, “it seems you were told only part of the prophecy. See how the serpent forms a circle, devouring itself?”

You nod with a gulp, your throat suddenly dry.

“It represents an eternal cycle of creation and destruction. Yes, your father slew the dragon. But you, my boy, are destined to bring it back.”


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